Light Mango Curd – Thermomix



It’s mango season and this is a delicious  way to enjoy that yummy mango flavour. This curd has no added fat and uses less eggs than traditional curd. It is so easy to make and is delicious on toast, as a filling in cakes or served with ice cream or Greek yoghurt. The easiest way to peel mangoes is to cut down each side and remove the cheeks. Slide the edge of the cheek down a wide glass. The flesh is saved in the glass and discard the skin.  I have included a link to show you how.  easiest hack for peeling mangoes

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Home in the Alice




• Juice of 2 large lemons, strained
• 2 tablespoons raw sugar
• 2 large eggs
• 2 mangoes (peel and use the cheeks)


  • Place all ingredients into the thermomix (20 seconds/speed 6)
  • Scrape down the sides of the bowl with a spatula
  • Insert butterfly whisk, cook for 6 minutes/temp 80  C /speed 3
  • Pour into hot sterilised jars and seal with the lid.
  • Store curd in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.
  • Makes 2 small jars.



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