Scrabble Wall Art

I found a wooden scrabble set at a thrift shop and got inspired.


I picked out letters to form the title of a Paul Kelly song that I love.

tiles 6

I used a wooden off cut from a decking job my husband and I finished recently.

tiles 4

I screwed in a soft (soda) drink ring pull for a hanging loop and spray painted the timber and loop with a tin of matt black spray paint. I glued on the tiles using an adhesive glue.

tiles 5

I coated the plaque on all surfaces with a coat of matt Mod Podge.

tiles 3

I love my new wall art so much I am now making another one..

.tiles 1


Shabby Chic Table Makeovers

I love the shabby chic look…. it is so soft and romantic. It is easy to change old and tired furniture into appealing new pieces. I have picked up a number of bargain priced pieces of furniture and given them a new lease of life with paint and elbow grease.  I never get tired of painting and sanding and creating something beautiful.





I purchased this hall stand for $80. It was that typical brown colour you see everywhere. It is now so pretty.



hallstand 2

This is an identical hall table that I have owned for years. I gave it the same treatment. It now houses some of my blue and white china collection.

table 1

This $5 purchase from a thrift shop is now functional and fabulous.


table 2

This little butlers table is now so sweet after a makeover.

Shabby Chic is very popular and many people are using their creative talents to transform and reuse items that might otherwise have been discarded. Why buy new items when with a bit of time and effort you can create your own masterpieces.  I hope you enjoyed having a peak at some of my makeovers. Here is a selection of wonderful shabby chic tables other DIYers on Hometalk have created. I hope you enjoy browsing through them and taking inspiration!




Bottle Wall

We needed some privacy on the veranda of our man cave, A bottle wall seemed like a good idea. We a spend of around $200 and 125 recycled bottles, a great feature wall has been added.
  • bottle wall, outdoor living
The finished bottle wall providing shade and privacy.
  • bottle wall, outdoor living
We needed some privacy and shade on the side of our man cave.
  • bottle wall, outdoor living
Materials required included a 3/4″ inch diamond tipped drill bit and rubber washers… and lots of empty wine bottles.
  • bottle wall, outdoor living
Remove the metal collar from the neck of the bottle using tin snips. The each wine bottle was placed in a bucket of sand and the bottom was drilled out. Bottles with a dimple in the bottom were easier to drill. The dimple was filled with water before drilling to stop the drill bit from overheating. Best to wear safety glasses when drilling the bottles.
  • bottle wall, outdoor living
Immediately after drilling the holes the bottles need to be rinsed in water to make sure the glass powder residue does not stick inside the bottle.
  • bottle wall, outdoor living
The most time consuming part of the job was removing the labels. We found soaking the bottles in hot soapy water with a dash of eucalyptus oil for about 15 minutes and then using a paint scraper was the most effective way to get the labels off.
  • bottle wall, outdoor living
We used some light weight metal tubing for the bottom and top bars to hold the bottles in. These bars were attached to the side and front pole of the veranda with metal plates. We used shower curtain fittings which were drilled to the top and bottom rail.
  • bottle wall, outdoor living
Powder coated curtain rods were cut to size (alternatively reo bar can be use). The top fitting was then unscrewed. The rod was placed in the bottom fitting. Bottles were threaded onto the rod and a rubber washer was placed between each bottle. when the rod was full the top fitting was placed over the top of the rod and re-screwed onto the bar. An alternative pattern was used and a variety of bottle colours. This is up to individual taste and availability of bottles.
  • bottle wall, outdoor living
A side view of the wall.
  • bottle wall, outdoor living
A close up of the wall.

Upcycling Target bargains

I found these cloche domes with wooden bases a few months ago at Target. They were reduced to $8.00…. bargain! …. I purchased six of them because… they were a bargain! …LOL..I go through a lot of spray paint at my place upcycling a whole range of treasures that I find. I love the Bunnings Fiddly Bits spray cans, especially the colour  Aluminium. I also buy a lot of spray can paints at Super Cheap Autos, very cheap at under $4.00 a can. I sprayed these bases in Aluminium. They now look so lux.    l found some glass dessert dishes with wide bases at the op-shop. Epoxy two pack glue is also your friend when upcycling and I secured the bases to the glass dishes to create a stand. I now have some lovely upcycled cloches to display my treasures.